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Reverse Mortgages: Special home loans for elderly homeowners

What do you do when you no longer collect a paycheck, but your cost of living seems to keep rising? What can you do when you want to remain independent in your home, but you cannot seem to make the numbers come together so you can stay there?

There are options for home loans for senior to remain independent, in their own home. A reverse mortgage allows seniors to get back the equity they put into their house and use it to keep up their standard of living now that the nest is empty.

We are professionals who help seniors to understand special types of home loans and how mortgage lenders work with them to construct a reverse mortgage that benefits them the best. Use our reverse mortgage calculator to estimate what you can receive back each month to cover your needs. Then talks to us, our professionals are standing by to help you.

Home Loans: Adjustable or Fixed Rate depends on your comfort »

If you are looking at home loans then you no doubt have been discussing if a fixed rate it the right way to go, or if and adjustable mortgage (ARM) will save you more money.

Comparing home loans: tips on what to look for in a quote »

When comparing home loans, you need to know 'why' you are buying in the first place. How long you plan to stay in the house affects which type of mortgage is best for you.

Reverse Mortgage Disclosures are different than other mortgage disclosures »

Reverse Mortgage Disclosures are different than any other type of mortgage or lending disclosures because the life of the loan cannot be set at origination. We can help you understand how to read your disclosure statement.